GoldenOrb Features

The ROOter firmware has many features to offer the user and we will look at them here. These features are ones that are unique to the ROOter and make it different from other OpenWRT based firmware.

  ROOter Feature Description
Firmware Update Check for a new ROOter firmware
Changing the GUI Theme Change the look of the web interface
System Stop A safe way to turn off your router
Guest Wifi Creation Add a Guest Wifi interface to your router
Connection Info Information needed to make a connection
Connection Monitoring Check your connection and take action if it fails
Connection Failover Set up connection failover using multiple Internet sources
Network Status Showing information about your connection
SMS Messaging Text messaging from your modem
Miscellanous Other things you can do with your modem
Debugging Information to help debug modem problems


Firmware Update

In the Status section of the web interface is a subsection entitled Firmware Update.

In here you can see if your firmware is the latest version and what has been added to the latest version.

When you click on the Get Change Log button the firmware goes to the Of Modems and Men web site and gets information on the latest version. Because of this, the router must be connected to the Internet.

When you click on the button the information about the latest version will appear.

If you then wish to download the latest firmware you can go to the Of Modems and Men web site and do so.

Changing the GUI Theme

The ROOter web interface has two different looking GUI themes available for it. The default Material Theme has the menus at the side and is a modern looking GUI.

The other is known as Bootstrap and is the theme previously used by ROOter.

To switch between these themes you go to the System section and the System subsection and click on Language and Style. In the Design dropdown box choose the theme you wish to use. Click on Save & Apply and save the change. The theme will change when you go to a different part of the web interface.

System Stop

One very useful feature of the ROOter firmware is the System Stop.

The normal method of shutting off the router is to unplug the power. This doesn't allow for any type of proper shutdown and can cause problems in some areas.

GoldenOrb adds a new System Stop feature to enable a graceful shutdown.

Go to the System section and then to the System Stop subsection. Click on the System Stop button and the router will do a controlled shutdown.

The power to the USB port may or may not be turned off when this happens, depending on the router model.