Tutorials and Documentation

Flashing and Configuring the Router

Flashing a Router with the ROOter Firmware

A step by step tutorial on flashing your router from the factory firmware to ROOter firmware. Also explains how to upgrade your ROOter firmware to a new version.

Configuring the ROOter

Once you have changed the firmware to the ROOter firmware the router needs to be configured so it works properly as a router. This tutorial shows what needs to be done.

Configuring the ROOter to use a USB Modem

Once the router is using the ROOter firmware you need to configure it to use your USB modem. This tutorial covers how to do that.

Features, How-Tos and Explainations

GoldenOrb ROOter Features

This tutorial shows some of the features of the GoldenOrb ROOter firmware and explains what they do and how you can use them.

Modem Power Consumption

The problem of high modem power consumption is looked at and some solutions to it are presented.

Increase Your Wifi Bandwidth

A method of increasing the bandwidth of your router's wifi to make data transfers faster.

Reprogramming the Router Buttons

How to program the router buttons so they do different things than the default actions. Also, see how to fix the WR842ND so its buttons work like you'd expect.

Lock a Sierra or Huawei Modem to a Channel

There may come a time when you wish to lock your Sierra modem to a specific cell channel. This tutorial shows you how to do it. And how to undo it as well.

Host-less Modems

An explaination and some information about using this category of modem on a ROOter.

Linking Routers using the Wifi

How to use the wifi to link several routers together to provide Internet to separate networks or to join networks together.

MultiWeb and Multiple Modems

How to use MultiWeb with two modems and how to configure the Load Balancing Manager to manage these modems.


How to set up and configure Ext-ROOter on your router.

Guest Wifi with Speed Limiting

How to set up a Guest Wifi on your router and limit the Internet speed using QOS. The Guest Wifi does not have access to your Network.

Set Up a Print Server

How to set up a USB printer on a ROOter and then configure Windows so it can access it over the Network.

The Facts about Adding Packages to ROOter

Learn about the problems of trying to add new packages to ROOter from the OpenWrt repository.

Miscellanious Tutorials

Recovering from a Lost Password or Resetting the Router

If you have forgotten your router password and can't log in to the web interface anymore, this tutorial will show how to remove the password so you can log in again. It also shows how to reset the router to the state it was in when you last flashed it.

Using WinSCP and Putty

How to use the two most important programs for accessing files and running programs within the router. This can be useful when making corrections to firmware bugs and recovering from 'bricking' your router.

An Unbricking How-to

If you have managed to brick your router, here are some steps you can take to recover from it. Covers ethernet and serial line recovery.

Create Your Own Firmware

How to create your own custom firmware using the same packages and scripts as the ROOter firmware. Expand and enhance your router with new features and packages by building your own images.