GoldenOrb Features

The ROOter firmware has many features to offer the user and we will look at them here. These features are ones that are unique to the ROOter and make it different from other OpenWRT based firmware.

  ROOter Feature Description
Firmware Update Check for a new ROOter firmware
Changing the GUI Theme Change the look of the web interface
System Stop A safe way to turn off your router
Guest Wifi Creation Add a Guest Wifi interface to your router
Connection Info Information needed to make a connection
Connection Monitoring Check your connection and take action if it fails
Connection Failover Set up connection failover
Network Status Showing information about your connection
SMS Messaging Text messaging from your modem
Miscellanous Other things you can do with your modem
Debugging Information to help debug modem problems



There are several other features dealing with your modem that are grouped together on a single page. To see these go to the Modem section and the Miscellanous subsection.

There are three parts to this page.

Connect, Disconnect and Power Toggle

Once a modem has connected to the Provider's Network you can disconnect it by using the Disconnect Current Modem button. Once it is disconnected you can reconnect it again by using the Connect Current Modem button.

This can be useful if your modem requires it to be disconnected in order to change the Cellular Mode.

If the router supports it, you can power toggle the USB port in order to power down the modem and power it up again, forcing a reconnection. This is done using the Power Toggle USB button. If the router has two USB ports they can be power toggled individually.


AT Command Terminal

Once the modem has been detected and the ports are set up before connecting you can send AT Commands to it using the AT Command Terminal.

Type the command into the box and click on the Send Command button or hit Enter to send the command to the modem. The response to the command will be displayed after a few seconds.


Cellular Mode

You can change the cellular mode of the modem after it has been detected and the ports are set up. Some modems require you to be disconnected from the Providers network for this to happen so you may have to use the Disconnect Current Modem button first.

Select the mode you weish to put your modem in from the dropdown box and click on the Apply Mode Change box. The mode will be changed and the current mode of the modem will be displayed in the Current Cellular Mode box.