GoldenOrb Features

The ROOter firmware has many features to offer the user and we will look at them here. These features are ones that are unique to the ROOter and make it different from other OpenWRT based firmware.

  ROOter Feature Description
Firmware Update Check for a new ROOter firmware
Changing the GUI Theme Change the look of the web interface
System Stop A safe way to turn off your router
Guest Wifi Creation Add a Guest Wifi interface to your router
Connection Info Information needed to make a connection
Connection Monitoring Check your connection and take action if it fails
Connection Failover Set up connection failover
Network Status Showing information about your connection
SMS Messaging Text messaging from your modem
Miscellanous Other things you can do with your modem
Debugging Information to help debug modem problems


SMS Messaging

If your Provider allows it and your Sim supports it, you can send and receive SMS (text) messages through your modem.

To see this feature go to the Modem section and the SMS Messaging subsection.

Here you can see if any messages are present on the Sim and can view them by clicking on the message in the Received Messages box. The entire message will be shown below the box.

A selected message can be deleted by using the Delete Message button. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the message before the message is deleted.

Youcan also send messages by entering the phone number and the text in the appropriate boxes and clicking Send. You will shown a message status report that tells if the message was sent or not.

You can use any language in sending or receiving text messages.