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GoldenOrb is the latest version of the ROOter firmware and is currently the only version being supported.

ROOter separates routers in to two catagories known as 4meg and 8meg.

4meg Routers

4meg routers are those that have only 4meg of flash memory or have only 32meg of RAM. Certain routers have 8meg of flash memory but only 32meg of RAM and are included in this group because of performance issues brought on by the lack of RAM when using the full ROOter package. These issues include slow speeds from the modem and a difficulty in flashing them to a new firmware. The web GUI may also be very slow to respond.

4meg routers have all the regular ROOter features that pertain to modems but lack some of the extra non-modem features of the 8meg group. This is because they lack the space in flash memory to hold the larger firmware.

Firmware for 4meg routers is based on OpenWrt Chaos Calmer in order to pack in as much as possible in the limited flash memory. They also only have IPv4 support, not IPv6, as there isn't enough room to make it fit.

8meg Routers

8meg routers are those that have at least 8meg of flash memory and have 64meg or more of RAM. These are the preferred routers for running ROOter as they combine all the modem features with a number of extra router features to provide a very capable home router.

Firmware for 8meg routers is based on the Lede 17.01 fork of OpenWrt. It is much newer and has extensive upgrades made to it. Unlike the 4meg routers, the 8meg firmware has both IPv4 and IPv6 support.

See the Supported page to determine the amount of flash memory and RAM of your router.

GoldenOrb offers the following features for all 4meg and 8meg routers.

  • Extensive support for different makes and models of USB Cellular modems including CDMA, 3G and LTE models.
  • Automatic connection to your Provider when the modem is plugged in or when the router is booted up with the modem plugged in. No user intervention is required after the initial set up.
  • Automatically try to reconnect if the modem fails to connect to the Provider or loses its connection.
  • (Optional) Monitoring of the connection with various steps to take if the connection fails.
  • Detailed information about the connection including signal strength, SIM information and tower details.
  • SMS (text) messaging on those modems and plans that support it.
  • Ability to send AT Commands to the modem if desired as well as change the Network Mode of the modem.
  • Simple method of adding a Guest Wifi network to the router.
  • Allows the use of 2 modems at the same time.
  • Failover System to allow using multiple Internet sources with seamless switching between them in case of disconnection.
  • Scheduled reboot of the router at a time of your chosing.
  • Wifi Hotspot Manager to allow easy connection to Wifi hotspots.
  • Two GUI themes for different look for the router's web GUI.
  • Firmware update checking to see if you have the latest firmware.

8meg routers have the following extra features.

  • Print Server for USB printers.
  • Dynamic DNS for assigning a URL to your router.
  • VPN support using OpenVPN and OpenSSL.
  • Automatic mounting and sharing of USB storage devices using Samba
  • Extensive system for Load Balancing different Internet sources.
  • A choice of another GUI theme for a different GUI look.
  • Support for IPv6.
  • Ability to create and execute router level scripts.
  • A per-device Bandwidth Monitor to allow viewing the bandwidth usage of all devices on your network.
  • Wake on Lan for devices on the Network.






Since you may wish to revert your router back to the factory firmware we supply a selection of firmware you can use.

Many TP-Link routers require a special firmware in order to revert back to factory and these are provided here.







This section contains other router related files for your usage.

Included are the scripts from GoldenOrb that are needed if you wish to build your own images plus a package that you can use to modify the bootloader on selected routers so they become unbrickable.